Are you prepared for adventure with PG SLOT? In Latin America, we will take you on an expedition to the ancient Mayan homeland. It is rumored that the clue contains a mystery pyramid concealed in the middle of a dense jungle.

Which you will need to discover the truth about What is concealed within that pyramid? Many treasure hunters are searching for answers. but discovered only voidness If anyone want to discover the secrets of the buried pyramid, entry is permitted. Find out in our review of the slot machine game Treasures of Aztec, which transports players to the enigmatic Mayan pyramids. Treasures of Aztec SLOT PNG is a 6-reel, 5-row, extra-row video slot game. Depending on the amount of symbols on reels 2 through 5, 1 per reel, there are between 2,025 and 32,400 ways to win.

The primary symbol of the slot game Treasures of Aztec.

In the Treasures of Aztec slot game demo, there are 11 primary winning symbols, each with a variable payout rate and frequency of occurrence. A set of high-paying Aztec stone symbols. Will pay out less than the card symbol group with the lowest payout rate. This creates a balanced game. Following are the specifics for each award symbol:

The Golden Clan Leader Stone Symbol has a maximum payoff of 80 times the wager.

There is a maximum payment of 70 times for the red devil stone icon.

The payoff rate of the purple beast stone symbol can reach sixty times the wager.

The payment rate for the blue beast stone symbol is up to 30 times.

blue eye stone symbol There is a 15-time maximum payout rate.

green tree stone sign There is a 15-time maximum payout rate.

The payout maximum for the letter A symbol is 10 times.

The letter K has a maximum payout of ten times its value.

The letter Q has a maximum payout of four times its value.

The letter J has a maximum payout of four times its value.

The number 10 symbol can pay out a maximum of four times.

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Other unusual symbols in the PNG slot game Treasures of Aztec

There are two types of special symbols in Treasures of Aztec that can be utilized to both launch the bonus game mode and aid in standard mode play. The specifics of each special symbol are provided below.

Wild symbol

The Wild Symbol of the Aztec tribal slot game will be a gorgeous Aztec woman with the word WILD written on her chest. However, it can also replace for other symbols.

The Treasures of Aztec Scatter Symbol is a golden sun stone with the word SCATTER engraved on it. If you land four symbols, regardless of whether they appear on a payline or not, you will receive 10 free spins. Use Bonus game mode can be played ten times, and if four or more Scatter symbols appear, two extra free spins are granted for each Scatter symbol.

Special Features of the Slot Game Treasures of the Aztec

There are three sorts of special features in the Treasures of Aztec slot game, including bonus features. With features that support all forms of play The description of each feature is provided below.

The Wilds on the Way Function

In all game types, the Wilds on the Way feature is immediately engaged. Some symbols will be generated at random to be huge, occupying 2-4 vertical grid spaces. having a silver frame If the symbol in the silver frame wins, the symbols in the frame will be produced at random in the exact same position. The frame will then turn gold. If the golden frame wins again, it will transform into a big Wild symbol. This feature will make it significantly simpler to win prizes on every turn.

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Multiplier Feature

The Multiplier function provides a unique multiplier for each win. When a prize is won, winning symbols are eliminated. Then, new symbols will replace the previous ones. The term for this is the free fall system. Every time the free fall system is successful, the rate of winnings will be multiplied by one, accumulating until the free fall finishes.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

The Bonus Free Spins Feature is a special bonus game that must be triggered by four or more Scatter Symbols in conjunction with the Free Spins Bonus Feature. Every time there is a freefall, there is a freefall. Instantaneously, the winning multiplier will grow from 1x to 2x and continue to accumulate until the Free Spins Bonus Feature concludes.

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Treasures of Aztec slot game review is an online slot game with an adventure theme that will transport you to an ancient Mayan culture with a mystery pyramid. It awaits your discovery of valuable gems. You can go on a treasure hunt with us by playing the Treasures of Aztec slot machine. It is like to having an adventure in the mystery pyramid and discovering a vast treasure. You’ll have more wealth than Elon Musk! What are you waiting for? Let’s embark on a journey! Register for this game or Majestic Treasures immediately via the website or LINE@.

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